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டொரோண்டோவில் பிரபல்யமான ரவி சூப்பின் தந்தைக்கு விருது (அமரர் ரவி கனகராஜா)

ekuruvi Night 2016 / Biztha Marketing Excellence Award Industry Initiative Award / தொழில் முனைப்பு விருது Late Ravi Kanagarajah Creating buzz since its opening in 2007, “Ravi Soups” continues to be one of Toronto’s favorite “soup kitchens.” Ravi Kanagarajah started out as a boy making soup in his mother’s restaurant in Kilinochchi Sri Lanka, before fleeing to Germany after the family business was bombed in 1987. He later came to Toronto, where he worked his way up from sous chef to owning his own restaurants. Affectionately known as “the Prince ofRead More